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Awaken Your Space

with Space Awakening's Services
Image by Motoki Tonn

The Space Within - You

The breath brings loving attention to the spots inside our mind and body that feel stuck. It acts as a spark creating movement and breaks up the heavy feelings. It also provides a path for the emotional energy around our beliefs to rise to the surface and be expelled.

This focused breathwork often leaves people feeling more spacious and empowered. 

Image by Motoki Tonn

The Space Within - Your Nest

Just as beliefs can contain burdens weighing us down, our physical stuff can also carry burdens that makes our lives less easeful as this “stuff” accumulates. Decisions around what to keep and what to let go of can be exhausting.

With the right support, these decisions can also be life affirming. Get the loving attention of a friend who wants you to achieve your goals and has been there before.

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