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“Breathwork helped me reconnect with myself in a way that is completely unique and nurturing. It’s grounded me and connected me with my whole self. It’s given me strength and reinforced my foundation.”

— Mom of Two Under Three

What is Breathwork?

What is Breathwork?

The focus on breathing is a foundation for spiritual practice in many traditions. The technique I have trained in combines an ancient two-step breathing technique with contemporary, upbeat music to create an incredible physical and spiritual experience.


It is a gentle, yet powerful process that opens up awareness of our unconscious beliefs and unresolved issues allowing us to make peace with them so we can make powerful choices in the space that has been opened.


It is essentially a decluttering of our entire being—mind, body and spirit— leaving us feeling refreshed, clear and connected.


Not every session is the same as we are not the same everyday but a typical session is 80 minutes long and includes intention setting, 30 minutes of active breathing followed by 10-15 minutes of relaxed breathing. The breather is in control of the process—the pace and depth of breath — while the facilitator creates a space for you to feel guided, supported and loved through the journey. There is time for journaling or sharing and reintegration after the experience as well.


Most people report it is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

Why Breathwork?

Why Breathwork?

It can help

Colorful Leaf

"It allowed me to forgive those around me and therefore forgive myself."


"Without the clutter, I could see who I really was without the armor I had been letting define me."


“I like to compare it to giving myself a hug once a month.”

Colorful Branch

"I felt relief and I could see myself in a refreshing way—with tenderness, warmth, and the feeling rooted in my mind, my body and my heart."


“I processed my worries and felt connected to the deep energy of the universe.”


"I was looking for love from others but finally saw I had access to it in myself."

Why Samantha?

“Samantha brings a deep influx of compassion to her work which really allows you to be honest and relaxed. I most adore her balance of creativity, intuition and intelligence. She’s just the person you want to be next to you in all of the moments that feel blissful and all of the moments that feel challenging. In my experience with other private sessions of yoga or body work, there’s always been a little nervousness about being with a new teacher one-on-one. But Samantha immediately sets you at ease. From her support, I was able to really let go and sink deep into the vibrant sensations of this concentrated breathwork.

Though this breathwork is your own, it’s essential to have just the right guide to assist but not define your experience. Samantha stays true to that role and offers an unforgettable session which allows you to delve into your own transformation at your own pace. All you have to do is show up with willingness and she will guide you on your way.”

My job is to provide a supportive space for you to relax into so you can open and get clear on your intention.  I'm here to nurture you, to remind you, to love you.

Why Samantha?
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