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What Can I Expect During a Private Session?
Why Choose Breathwork?

Why Choose Breathwork?

Revelation Breathwork is the ideal activity because it truly meets us where we are at. The breathing will provide us with whatever energetic experience we are ready for and can handle. If we are needing physical relaxation, we will receive that. If we are needing an emotional release, we will experience that. If we are needing a mental break from constant thought and worry, we will receive that. If we are open to mystical experiences, we can have that as well.


The most important part is to allow yourself to have whatever experience you are having, without judging it, wanting it to stop, trying to deny that we are having it, or wishing it was different. The more we are able to surrender to the experience and trust that our body is safe and knows what it can handle, we will have a healing and rejuvenating experience.


The great thing about Revelation Breathwork is that you are in complete control of the experience. If it is getting too intense you simply stop doing the active breathing. Revelation Breathwork is empowering for this very reason. You control the breathing. You decide how far you want to go inside yourself.

What is Breathwork?

The focus on breathing is a foundation for spiritual practice in many traditions. The technique I have trained in called Revelation Breathwork combines an ancient two-step breathing technique with contemporary, upbeat music to create an incredible physical and spiritual experience.


It is a gentle, yet powerful process that opens up awareness of our unconscious beliefs and unresolved issues allowing us to make peace with them so we can make powerful choices in the space that has been opened.


It is a decluttering of our entire being—mind, body and spirit— leaving us feeling refreshed, clear and connected.


Not every session is the same as we are not the same everyday but a typical session consists of about 30 minutes of active breathing followed by 10-15 minutes of relaxed breathing. The breather is in control of the process—the pace and depth of breath — while the facilitator creates a space for you to feel guided, supported and loved through the journey.


Most people report it is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

What Can I Expect During a Private Session?

A private session lasts about 80-90 minutes. It is helpful if you have an intention for the session but not required. There will be an opportunity for you to articulate anything coming up for you before the breathing begins so an intention may arise naturally.  Your intention can be as specific as you'd like (to release an old wound, to feel more love for my partner, to get centered and grounded, to be open to experiencing, etc.)  I will also support you in getting clear with the use of the Osho Zen Tarot deck.

You  will be laying down on a padded mat and I will sit beside you encouraging you to breathe in a specific pattern to a specifically curated playlist of upbeat, contemporary music based on our prior conversations. Active breathing lasts for about 30 minutes. I'm there to nurture you, to encourage you and to love you during the process. I'm merely a conduit for the inherent supportive energy of the universe and I use that as my guide when giving you suggestions. I check in with you but a verbal response isn't required. You truly set the tone and can be floating within the waves of the music. I just make sure you are tethered and bring you back to the breath to keep it all moving.

Once active breathing is complete, you'll be cued to return to a regular breathing pattern while gentle music plays for about 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, you can journal and remain silent or discuss your experience with me, if you so choose, and slowly re-enter the world. It's good to drink plenty of water after a session and give yourself some time to reorient, like you would after an intense workout.

What Can I Expect After a Session?

What Can I Expect After a Session?

Participants have a wide-range of experiences that are unique to their lives and sometimes the insight that often come with big experiences aren't fully understood for days or even weeks. It can be common to be at a loss for words after a session and feel like you are floating. There are several ways we can integrate after a session:

Some people like to process their experience out loud and with others, excited to share what occurred or what revelation they experienced.

Other people wish to remain in silence and enjoy the quiet.

Some people like to journal or draw after their experience.

Some people may feel drained or ungrounded and others may feel charged and energized.

All experiences are OK and they won't be the exactly the same from session to session and so how we feel afterwards will often be different. If you are concerned about experiencing a certain state, please share it with me so you can get support around it. Regardless, drinking lots of water, eating healthy, nourishing foods and showering the evening after a session can be very nurturing. It's also best to schedule a session with plenty of time afterwards to digest and reintegrate. If you have any concerns about how you feel or your state-of-mind after a session, please contact me to discuss.

How Often Should I Do Breathwork and How Much Does it Cost?
How Often Should I Do Breathwork and How Much Does it Cost?

This type of breathwork is a very effective tool that allows a person to release mental and emotional stress, as well as connect to their deeper knowing. Many establish a regular practice of  one session per week to support daily living. Others schedule a private session once a month to stay aligned and address what is coming up in their lives. Some see a private session as an opportunity to make a smooth transition between the changing seasons. There are many practices that will help you open and receive - meditation, yoga, orgasm - breathwork is just one of them that can bring powerful results quickly.

Sessions are scheduled during weekdays, evenings and some limited weekend hours in your home, office or my space, depending on availability. Pricing for a breathwork session with Samantha is $150.  Travel is included if in West LA and during non-peak travel times or you come to my space.

What Are the Contraindications of Breathwork?
What Are the Contraindications of Breathwork?

Breathwork can result in intense physical and emotional release. Therefore, it is not advised for persons with a history of cardiovascular disease, including angina or heart attack, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, significant recent physical injuries or surgery.

Revelation Breathwork is not advised for persons with severe mental illness or seizure disorders or for persons using major medications. It is also unsuitable for anyone with a personal or family history of aneurysms. Pregnant women are advised against practicing Revelation Breathwork without first consulting and getting approval from their primary care physician. Persons with asthma should bring their inhaler and consult with their primary care physician and the facilitator.  

This work is deeply experiential. It may involve intense and energetic emotional release. It does not substitute for psychotherapy,  but it can significantly deepen and enhance psychotherapy and other healing and personal growth efforts.

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