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Image by Laura Agustí

Clear Out. Open Up.
Let the Light In

The Approach


Tips and tricks to lighten your load.

Loving Attention

Guidance from a set of loving, attentive hands  beside you during the process.


Prioritized and practical instead of  'perfect.'

The Offering

Limited Time Offer: For the cost of a massage ($195), get three hours to tackle those dreaded closets or cupboards and feel blissful for months to come.

My usual rate is $75/hr, three hour min., West L.A. non-rush hour travel included.

Phone consults are available at $50/hr.

Whether you'd like our session to be a spark that lights a fire under you

 or you would like full service assistance, I can help.

Grow Your Vision

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Interested in
Awakening Your Space?

Thank you! I will be in touch.

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