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Image by Laura Agustí

Clear Out. Open Up.
Let the Light In

The Approach


Tips and tricks for handling your stuff but you choose what belongs so the space is filled with your essence and the items that best support you.

Loving Attention

Guidance from another set of loving, attentive hands that want to help you achieve your goals and are beside you during the process.


Paired down and prioritized instead of going for 'perfect' so you can focus on what is important now without sacrificing what could be.

The Offering

For the cost of a massage, get three hours of loving attention to tackle those dreaded closets or cupboards and feel blissful for months to come.

My rate is $75/hr, three hour min., West L.A. non-rush hour travel included.

Phone consults are available at $50/hr.

Whether you'd like our session to be a spark that lights a fire under you

 or you would like full service assistance, I can help.

Grow Your Vision

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Interested in
Awakening Your Space?

Thank you! I will be in touch.

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